While the production industry moves from quantity-originated production to quality-origin production, businesses need a well-designed automation system.

  The DCS system should have a higher efficiency and a higher production goal. In addition, it is very important that your DCS system sets out the actual production conditions. Because a well-built DCS system makes visible the weak points that prevent you from reaching ideal conditions. We can support you at many stages:


Computer selection (virtual or physical server and client setups)

Network equipment and cable selection

Process Suitable Controller, IO selection

Field Communication Cables selection

Actuator and Instrument selection

Configuration of Selected Equipment

Determination of Process Page Standards

Preparation of Process Logic Libraries


  ASP Automation will be with you at every stage, from choosing the right equipment to the successful installation of your DCS system.

  Our company has considerable experience in the installation, service and assembly of ABB DCS products.