ABB Industrial IT

800xA is the SCADA unit of ABB Industrial IT product family. It is designed to be run on Microsoft Windows 2012(server) and windows 8 (client)) environment using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Active X Control technologies.

Properties and Benefits

Human-System Interface

 Process Graphics
 Alarm Manager
 Controller Integration

Standards Based Interoperability

 Microsoft Windows 2012
 Web Browser Technology
 ActiveX Controls
 OPC (OLE for Process Control)

Information Integration

 One unified window
 From plant floor to boardroom
 Integret integration
 Based on Aspect ObjectsTM

Ease of Use

 Powerful navigation
 Customized layout
 Customized security
 On line help and documentation




With strong Aspect Object technology it is almost possible to combine the data from any source this makes you save engineering time and efforts.

In conventional systems you have to have seperate stations for engineering, maintainance and operating purposes. With Industrial IT and 800xA for all this and other purposes come into a single computer.



You can right click on an Object to reach additional information about it. With the context menu you can for example jump to additional platfroms such as,

 MS Word documents (operation and calibration procedures etc.)
 AutoCAD drawings 
 Control Logic Diagrams
 Management and Maintainance System Softwares
 MS Excel documents (data spreadsheets)


800xA as Graphic Builder is suitable for process industry screens. Plant Explorer behaves like Microsoft Windows Explorer in 800xA to browse between Objects. 800xA has a strong Alarm & Event Management System for you to follow your process closely. Alarms can be viewed in different forms like Alarm List, Alarm Band or Individual Alarm Bar. Besides all of these well defined functions PPA has also a History Server functionality in order for you to store your important data for long terms.

Another important property of 800xA is its powerful 3rd party OPC client feature. By means of this nice property you can add whatever you want in your control network supporting OPC standart. For example, if you have a device which has its OPC Server on your hand you can retrieve its live data and display on your SCADA screens with no additional cost.