Automation solutions that accommodate Information technology will change industrial plants. Not only the way we control our processes but also the place where we must be present is goint to change. A ratio between regular-full time employees and outside supporters will change dramatically. Almost all companies will review their organisation stuructures. "Co-operated Engineering" concept is giving serious hope to design future company organisations.

Duty of technology is to provide flexibility and productivity. Our task is to help you to use this technology advantages in the right way. Quality of information is important as much as quantity of information. In near future; you will need more assistance from your solution partners to digest big amount of information flow. These firms will offer solutions not only for spesific problems but also they will give general advices. To get information in the way that you understand, you can hire one of our experienced member.

ASP will be your independent guide to find right product with low cost and acceptable quality for you.