ASP Automation Ltd, was established at the begining of 2001 to focus on industrial process automation business with its professional team. Our company offers turn key design and implementation of automation systems. System integration, consulting, modernization projects, commissioning and service jobs are also in our scope.

We are giving service mainly in DCS-PLC /SCADA system configuration and programming activities. While we are customizing standart equipments / control modules to fulfill your requests, we give high importance to use  standart tools and methods to provide "standart" solutions to our customers.

Our area of expertises are Pulp & Paper (Tire Kutsan, Kartonsan, Olmuksa, Ipek Kagit) , Cement (Göltas, Askale) , Iron & Steel(Erdemir, Izmir Demir Çelik, Çebitas, Habas) , Power plants (Zorlu Enerji, Tire Kutsan, EnerjiSA) and Petro-Chemical plants (Sweden, Norway). Up to now we involved not only in Turkey but also abroad multinational projects.

Using our professional team's experience you will get a lot of benefits such as:

  • Quick and problem free commissioning,
  • Logical selection of controller and equipment based on process speed and requirements,
  • Right and complete documentation,
  • Sufficient training support,
  • Quick response to automation system problems after startup,
  • User friendly and "easy to follow" process displays,
  • Realistic process alarms  which helps to to find a problem,
  • Functionals which explain controller programs.

Shortly, working with us means to work with a team who produce solution for you. Each plant has its own identity. We need your contribution to maximize our process know how and service quality. We know your value when it comes to produce satisfactory solution. So we call all of these efforts as "Co-opareted Engineering".

Controller programs are common and understandable for frequent users. Non-standart programming techniques or "specific hardware" based soluitons can be potential source of headache in near future. So we highly recommend to use standart hardware and standart programming techniques (IEC-61131-3 and OPC based products).

As ASP, we always try our best to produce solution which is transferrable to other hardwares and softwares.